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Buy Now Oritsu

Buy Now ORITSU Premium Porcelain Tableware

QNET is proud to partner with the producers of world-class innovative designer tableware, Dankotuwa. Presenting Oritsu — premium porcelain tableware that exude a royal and aristocratic finish.

Oritsu is the superlative choice for a timeless dining experience, reflective of your opulent lifestyle and an ideal gifting choice for any season. Oritsu adheres to international guidelines for manufacturing. Thinking of getting Oritsu for your home? Here is what is in store for you:

Design. Produced exclusively for QNET, the gold and platinum range of Oritsu flows from an unparalleled legacy of over centuries. The techniques used in making this porcelain tableware ensure the original level of creativity remains intact.

Skill. Oritsu showcases a blend of superior technology, dedicated craftsmanship, and unparalleled skill in identifying and distilling the best elements from the glorious past and transforming them into striking modern designs.

Uniqueness. Characterised by individual artistry, innovative shapes and superior glazes, Oritsu aims to stay ahead of the competition to produce exquisite designs with vibrant colours and peerless quality.

The elegance, sophistication and superiority of Oritsu Premium Porcelain — Especially its gold and platinum range and the vastly improved printing of decals – have earned them a reputation for being the best in Asia and Europe.


  • Made from the finest raw materials
  • 24 karat gold and pure platinum decorations
  • High whiteness
  • Hard chip— and scratch—resistant
  • Zero water absorption and bacteria-free
  • Free of lead, cadmium and bone ash
  • Designed by European designers
  • Made in Sri Lanka

Take a sip from your Oritsu cuppa tea and dine with Oritsu tableware, to get a taste of rich heritage, culture and years of expertise all in one.

This elegant array of premium porcelain tableware comes in three offerings:

Oritsu Mosaic

A 47—piece premium dinner & tea set, crafted in pure platinum with pigment colours

MRP: INR 89,990

Oritsu Sultan Crown

A 54—piece premium dinner & tea set, crafted in 24 karat gold with pigment colours

MRP: INR 1,13,450

Oritsu Rhaya Red

A 71—piece premium dinner & tea set, crafted in pure platinum with pigment colours

MRP: INR 1,69,900


The Gold and Premium used in ORITSU Porcelain Tableware is infused into the glaze and cannot be extract.